Geodata Processing

Various pieces of software require a specific data format. We are able to process most geospatial data to produce output which can be used as input to another program as needed - including vector data, raster data or tabular data. We deal with geodata pre-processing and post-processing, data mining or data acquisition from various sources - like official national geodata products, community geodata sources (OpenStreetMaps extractions, ...) or earth observation data from remote sensing platforms.

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Geospatial Analyses

Specialized analytic techniques for data which has a geographical or spatial aspect allows us to derive new information and make informed decisions. This is often used in geomarketing where the analysis is usually based on a combination of bussines data, geographic data and various socio-economic indicators. Other applications solve problems in environmental and life sciences. Geospatial analysis has extended to almost all industries - using various spatial operations, surface and network analysis, and a lot of other techniques.

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Online Services

Discover the benefits of our cloud solutions for geodata management and geodata processing. Join thousands of our customers using geospatial data. Manage, share or download geodata by using our GIS Data Warehouse, convert your GIS/CAD data to many other formats or coordinate systems with our Converter, or display your geodata quickly in a simple Map Viewer. We are constantly working on developing more services, and we offer personalized online services tailored to your needs.

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About Us

GeoCzech, Inc. is an innovative company for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We focus on spatial data processing, spatial analysis and the provision of online services for spatial data processing. Our publicly available online services include MyGeodata Converter, which has already actively used more than 1 milion users from all over the world. Considering the customer structure, the company was established in the USA but physically resides in the Czech Republic and cooperates with Czech entities. Our customers, including both individuals and companies, come from various sectors of human activity using spatial data, often confronted with specific spatial data processing or evaluation requirements - typically in meteorology, geology, marketing, real estate, product pipelines, or data generation for 3D simulators. Our company uses only opensource technology to process data. The company's goal for the coming years is to publicly provide a wide range of specialized tools for spatial data processing through web applications.

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